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Evidence & Outcomes

This scientific paper presents a case study on successful limb salvage in a patient with non-healing diabetic foot ulcers using a combination of revascularization surgery and DermGEN™, an advanced acellular dermal matrix.

The study highlights the potential of this approach in promoting wound healing and avoiding amputations.

Podiatry Management presents the utility of a single-application human decellularized dermal matrix (DermGEN™) for the management of diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs), showcasing successful case reports and highlighting the potential benefits of this advanced regenerative tissue matrix.

This document provides images and text that show clinicians what to expect while treating a DFU. The unique healing process of DermGEN™ may result in a different appearance compared to standard wound care. Proper application and integration lead to desired healing outcomes without debridement or cleaning.

This feasibility and safety study explores the use of DermGEN™, a novel human decellularized dermal matrix as a treatment for chronic diabetic foot ulcers. Promising results showed rapid healing in an average of 3.3 weeks with only one application, highlighting the potential of this scaffold for DFU treatment.


This study presents a case of successful limb salvage in a diabetic patient with multiple non-healing foot ulcers. Revascularization surgery combined with DermGEN™, an advanced acellular dermal matrix (ADM) led to significant healing, demonstrating the potential of this approach in treating diabetic foot ulcers



Dr. Mark Glazebrook
Orthopaedic Surgeon and Researcher

"I have been impressed by DermGEN™’s ability to facilitate and accelerate healing in patients with Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFU’s) with only a single application of product. It appears that you have a very promising product in comparison to our current standard of care in wound healing. I have also appreciated the ability of your product to be conveniently stored in treatment rooms at room temperature, its ready to use form and ability to be placed onto the wound without the need for securing with sutures or staples.

If DermGEN™ were routinely available in my hospital I would continue to use it to more effectively treat my patients and encourage my colleagues to do the same."

Type 2 Diabetic

"I developed a serious ulcer on my right heel. I attended to it as directed, however, it became infected and infection spread to the bone requiring that I receive intravenous antibiotic treatments. Once the infection was cured, I continued to apply the ointments and bandages as directed by my physician, however, months passed and the wound remained unhealed. In my view, there was nothing to indicate that this situation would improve. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to participate in a study involving your product. The application of DermGEN to my heel resulted in a rapid improvement in my condition culminating in a total healing of the wound.

I hope you achieve broad application of your technology to patients suffering infirmities like mine as I believe it to be an extremely effective, timely solution to these problems.

Thank you."


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